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New content nearing completion from SPACEMOB and Massev.

Kansas City, MO, January 18, 2023 --( Massev Productions has partnered with SPACEMOB, to complete the new docuseries Underground: Uncovered for a Spring 2023 streaming release. SPACEMOB first learned about the project when it showed up on a prominent Reddit thread. Massev Productions is based in Kansas City, and the initial exposés they filmed took place locally. With a home office that's also in Kansas City, SPACEMOB was uniquely equipped to understand the importance of the issues being addressed by Massev Productions, as well as the authenticity of the stories being shared. “While working on another project we were introduced to several underground subcultures within our city. We were fascinated and felt others would be as well. We decided to document these communities and take others on an educational journey that will peel back misinformation and stigma while revealing the humanity of the people we covered,” said Creator, Director Michael Sublett.

Lisa Ash, Producer stated, “It was important to us to document these communities with an unbiased lens. We want the people covered to tell their own stories. I hope the audience will find this series a challenging journey that will confront bias and fears. Whether the audience will watch just to be entertained, or to learn something new, I believe there is something for everyone in this project.” While the parties are not prepared to release details of the channels the work will debut on, they are making final post-production touches, and are excited about the future of the series. “We were just so happy with Massev Productioons’ ability to tell compelling stories with such little resources, they were a natural fit for our SPACEMOB Grassroots Originals Program. Michael and his team understand story, and have chosen subject matter that really is impactful,” said SPACEMOB’s Chief Content Officer/ Executive Officer, Eric Keith.


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