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Every Time I Die Resurrects Metal in Lawrence

February 27th Lawrence shook as Every Time I Die took the stage, at The Granada, in support of their Low Teens record.

The live experience of an ETID show is a mesmerizing concoction of entrancing metal core goodness pairing with an unrepentant love affair with their audience. Front man Keith Buckley’s gritty, melodic, and fervent vocals synchronized perfectly with the bands powerful, rhythmic, and, at times, beautifully chaotic riffs.

Now, you know how I felt about the music, let’s talk about the show.

I arrived at the Granada and started interviewing fans. Descriptors like “Amazing”,’ Sickest metal band in America”, and “Holy Fuck, bro!” flowed from the fans like ketones from a chocolate obsessed diabetic.

I made my way to the Merch table and struck up a conversation with the man selling the wares. When I asked if the band would live up to the hype, he smiled slyly and said:

“Come talk to me after the show.”

I walked into the venue and took my place to the right of the stage, and waited for the group to come on. The audience stood with impenetrable anticipation as each second passed. Random cheers and cries for the band to come out could be heard from all corners of the Granada. When ETID took the stage, the Granada exploded.

From the first song, the band made their intentions clear; the audience was too far out of reach. Keith insisted the fans stage dive, and summoned circle pits towards the back of the audience. It was a partnership of pure chaos, that the band was more than happy to participate in.

Each song brought on another blast of adoration from fan to band and back again. The audience moved, jumped, danced, and screamed with the band from one song to the next. It was beautiful.

The show was perfect. The band and the audience adored one another and the dance between them was flawless. I believe the fans had the same stage time as the band, and as each fan made it to the stage, they were greeted as old friends, lost lovers, and returning warriors by ETID.

When the show was over, the audience left elated from the experience. I made my way back to the Merch table and reunited with the salesman. We smiled at each other, with the understanding that he was right, they MORE than lived up to the hype.

If you have never seen them, please do so. I have never seen a band with this type of relationship with their fans. Not only did they put on a flawless show, they gave their fans an amazing gift. The memory of being invited to climb on stage with their heroes, diving, and doing it all over again while hearing their favorite songs live. Bravo, Every Time I Die, I can’t wait to see you guys again!

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