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Massev Productions and Twizted Lens Media Begin production on the short thriller “Papa”

Press Release


KANSAS CITY (October 11, 2020)- Massev Productions with Twizted Lens Media announced today that they’ve begun principal photography of their upcoming project, “Papa".

Papa is helmed by film maker and screen writer M.Sublett and centers around choices, consequences, and crossroad lore. The short will star Laderial Glenn as ‘Papa’, Redd Morningstar as ‘Man’, and newcomer Hadassah Raquel as ‘The Child’

Principal photography is expected to wrap by the end of October with a possible release expected toward Thanksgiving.


Laderial Glenn: Laderial hails from EBA Comedy and Savage Monk Creations. He also works the community theater circuit and Side Show performances with IFCKC. Laderial is also an accomplished costume designer, creating his own costumes for his role in Papa.

Redd Morningstar: Redd is making the jump from voice acting to screen with his Role in Papa. His credits include redubs with Ghost Bastards, Johnny Bastard, and Temera No Naku Ko Ro Ni. Redd is also a prop creator and acts as an engineer for a local performance troupe. Hadassah Raquel: The role of “Child” is Hadassah’s debut in film. She currently creates YouTube content. Koo Wiase, CEO of ANAX Entertainment, LLC joins the crew. Koo is the writer/director and star of the underground short film Bleed Like Us. Koo will bring unique insight, experience and energy to the set.

All communication should be directed to the following:

Massev Productions/Twizted Lens Media



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