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Casting Call- PTSD Documentary

This is a general casting call for a PTSD Documentary. Any and all participants withing a 60 mile radius of the Kansas City area are encouraged to respond. Alright Guys and Gals! You have heard me talk about the PTSD doc I am preparing to film. Well, the time is NOW. I am ready to start production! I have some participants, but I do need more. To give you some info, there are a TON of docs out there concerning PTS but none of them really talk about the people that have it and how they live with it daily. I believe this film can help a ton of people and also help to erase the stigma of the condition so many struggle with. You will NOT have to talk about how you got PTS, just how you live with it and a bit about your background.I would love to feature men and women, people starting the journey to recovery and people well on their way.Please, shoot me a message if you are interested in helping me out with this feature and lets change the world guys!

If you are interested please contact Michael at 913-605-2250 or E-Mail at You can also use the Contact feature on this site.

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